PRECISE Information Systems and Professional Services is committed to exceeding your expectations and fulfilling your Information Technology, Healthcare, Project Management and Talent Acquisition Consulting needs with the highest quality of service at a very competitive price point. PRECISE is a full-service firm that provides customized information technology solutions, consulting, human capital management, and talent acquisition services. We are the Consulting Work-Force Solution behind your project, because we provide Targeted Project Services, where individuals or teams complete strategic projects to move your business forward. Our nineteen (19) years of expertise in these areas allows us to deliver extraordinary results to you, your organization, and every client we serve.

Human Capital Management

Human capital management (HCM) is our approach to consulting that perceives people as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment. PRECISE is responsible for the development of all your labor-related issues that impact your agency’s strategic and operational objectives, including: the employment of consultants; the development of resources; and the utilization, maintenance, and compensation of their services aligned with your project and organizational mission-critical requirements.

Talent Acquisition

PRECISE has an ongoing cycle of processes related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting, hiring and placing consultants within your agency or organization. This includes all elements of employment branding, outreach, networking, and relationship building with potential candidates to continually build, enhance, and maintain a Subject Matter Expertise pool of talent for each of your mission critical projects.


Our subject matter consultants provide professional expert advice and solutions in network management, system analysis, data base design, cyber, network and enterprise IT security.

Network Management

With PRECISE Network Management Consultants you can choose to have us work on any number of things. We deliver a hands-on approach and empowers your organization for greater mobility, availability, and reliability. Our certified expert engineers, technicians, and management teams can handle any aspect of your network from one-time network design projects to connectivity troubleshooting to desktop support.

Database Management

PRECISE ICCP, Microsoft SQL, OCP, SAP or IBM certified Database Management Consultants design, develop, administer, and ensure that your operating systems and other infrastructure needs are properly managed and secure. We provide the day-to-day expertise needed to assist your systems administrator on long and short term initiatives, including development, programming, and capacity planning issues.

IT Security Consulting

PRECISE IT Certified Security Consultants specialize in Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA). Their objective is to help you achieve your goal of enterprise security by delivering consulting services that extend from security program development and execution, assessment and audit, to security infrastructure development, and solution implementation.

Healthcare Information Technology

PRECISE Health Information Technology (HIT) Consultants specialize in the design, development, creation, use, and maintenance of information systems used to store, share, and analyze health information in a secure exchange between consumers, providers, government, corporations, and insurers.